Meet the Maker



"A Melbourne-based sculptural ceramicist whose work creates a bridge between this world and an alternative universe. She taps into the esoteric workings of the dream state and imagination, with attention to detail and explosions of colour being her signature style. She draws inspiration from science fiction and fantasy to create abstract sculptural vessels that are both alluring and oddly morbid. Each work expresses a unique personality and character, whimsical renditions of the inner and outer self, melting one feature into the next."

My name is Mads, and I am the creator of Mad Character Ceramics. I’m a 28 year old female living and working in the northside of Melbourne/Narrm. Mad Character was born from a casual clay afternoon with a potter friend, who introduced me to the colours, textures and creativity of ceramics. Originally a water-colourist, it fascinated me to be able to make something both beautiful and practical, a three-dimensional artwork.

I have been experimenting with clay and its forms for the past three years, exploring form, colour, shape and textures with wild abandon. Facial features have always been the centre-point of my work, and it only felt natural to transfer that through to ceramics.

Pottery is a process by which various types of the earth come under fire to create objects of beauty, a melding of earth and glass and all kinds of minerals and chemicals. It’s a transformative process, and in practising this art form it has transformed me. The last year has been devoted to the refinement of throwing techniques and to developing an understanding of all the rules before breaking them, as I so love to do.