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Incompatible Vase

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A medium sized vase with two spouts. Can be filled with water, or used with dried flowers or simply a stand alone piece. One of a kind.

Height: 26cm (tallest point)
Width: 19cm (widest point) 
Weight: 1.7kg

"Love is a strange thing. Each of us spends an indefinite amount of our lives seeking love; with family, friends, lovers… a delicate dance where sometimes two persons simply cannot meet. Incompatible. And god does that feel personal sometimes. ⁣

But for me this year I learnt that so much of the incompatibility wasn’t in them not loving me but me not loving myself. We are always seeking love from outside when really, the most tangible and valuable love is found within yourself. ⁣

There is still such beauty in the dance of love, compatibility or not. This vase was about that exploration; the dance of timelines and the spiralling delights of a romance. And whether the two ends meet devalues nothing of the experience. And in the aftermath, with the right tendering, you become a phoenix rebirthed in love’s ashes. Beginning the dance again, but maybe this time you remember you are the main event and everyone else is simply a supporting act to the love story with yourself. "
- An excerpt from my journal about this heart piece


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Each piece is made individually by hand, having its own imperfections; dimples, fingermarks and cracks. I embrace these features, as it demonstrates the handcrafted nature of each piece.